We’re an enthusiastic and professional group of friends that adore design. In 2h design Multimedia Studio we give birth to the process from which every idea may look simple, functional and beautiful. Every day we exchange ideas together from different approaches such as Graphic Design, Audiovisual Arts and Architecture among others.


Somos un estudio multimedia que nació desde un grupo de amigos que adoran el diseño. Damos vida al proceso a través del cual todas las ideas pueden lucir simples, funcionales y hermosas. En nuestro estudio convergen diariamente profesionales de diferentes ramas del diseño: Gráfico, Artes Audiovisuales y Arquitectura, que juntos dan vida a 2h design.


Every design is born from an idea generated from our ownership or from our clients. We modelate and process them in our workshop, so the team for each project is able to work in scrum to optimize the results and deadlines. Confidence and commitment is built based on the effort done to achieve every client’s expectations.


Todo los diseños nacen de ideas propias o de nuestro clientes. Las moldeamos y procesamos en nuestro estudio, formando equipos de trabajos destinados a trabajar en scrum para llegar a entregas en tiempo y forma. La confianza y el compromiso se construye en base al esfuerzo dedicado a llegar a las expectativas de cada cliente.

Brand Image and Identity focused in visibility, recognition and awareness.
We know how to add value to your web content to get ranked as you deserve.
Website Design and Marketing Campaigns aimed to reach efficiently and cross devices to your public.
Flyers, Pull Up banners, Packaging and a wide range of printed products that really stand out!


We love them all